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A DEEP RURAL TRACT is a full-length drama about a Mississippi family, the McMillans.

Mississippi Cotton farmer, Wilbur McMillan stands accused in the death of his wife, Lurene. A controversial 1979 trial takes place in a Townsey, Mississippi courthouse. The court has to decide if Lurene McMillan died accidentally or if Wilbur McMillan willfully shot his wife of many years.

Genre: Court case drama script

Type: One act play

Length: One hour

Number of actors: Eight,  5M 3F

Ages of the actors: Adult 30’s to old age

Set: There are two sets – the courtroom and the family farm kitchen

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – accents which must be maintained.



RIDING A PEACOCK is a play about life as it affects two young successful African/American families. One family rises from the “Ghetto,” and the other comes out of the Black elite. The play’s focus is upon an aspiring writer named Joyce Withers. Joyce yearns to make a full time living as a writer, but struggles with how to become one. Her first novel, written when she was a young woman, was aptly entitled, “Riding a Peacock,” signifying a journey to freedom on a bird’s back.  For Joyce, writing means freedom and a chance to truly be herself. This play is the journey of how she accomplishes that and how her family grows.  As much as it is powerful with interpretations of life, RIDING A PEACOCK is packed with incredibly lively characters and humor.

Genre: African American Family Drama

Type: One Act Play

Length:  Fifty minutes, 50 minutes

Number of  actors: Seven, 7,  4F, 3M

Ages of actors: Twenties to Fifties

Level of Difficulty:  6/10 – characters each tell their stories.

Set:  Two sets – one is a nice suburban home outdoors and the other is a corporate office.

The Way of Love
August His Family


"The Color of Murder by Loretta Moore is a novella revolving around Kevin Johnson, a black attorney at a prestigious East Coast law firm. The Color of Murder is intriguing and the plot has enough twists and turns to keep it interesting."

-Taylor, reviewer

"I was intrigued by the character development in The Color of Murder by Loretta Moore. I found the flashbacks to be an interesting and appealing way to let us have more information about the various characters."

-Regan, reviewer


Loretta Moore is an African American female writer residing in Dover, Delaware. She is married, the mother of three, and grandmother of eight. She is a multi-published author with several novels and plays to her credit. Other published works include poems, essays, and short stories in several magazines and journals.

Presently, two of her plays are in the hands of theaters in Philadelphia, PA and Roanoke, VA. She has a college degree in English and has received literary and theatrical recognition and awards. Loretta belongs to an honor society and other laudable organizations, and volunteers in her community and church.

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"Bottom Tales and Others" is a collection of short stories joining the reader with a lost time and place. One interesting story invites the reader to join the writer as she recalls life during the 1940's, 50's in 'The Bottom,' a place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she grew up. Other stories use a variety of premises, imagination and observation. The collection of stories the writer presents in "Bottom in Tales and Others" is truly engaging and satisfying. 

Once nineteen-year-old African American Michael Bradley sees a sad girl of unimaginable beauty who appears to be Mexican in a Chicago storefront window of a brothel, eighteen-year-old Carlotta Rivera is implanted in his memory forever! A powerful, unknown force drives Reverend Robert Peterson, a Caucasian Presbyterian minister to the brothel site that moves him and his wife to rescue Carlotta and make her a part of their family.

Ten years later a fall on the icy streets of Chicago lands attorney Michael Bradley in the hospital. He can't believe his eyes, and is overjoyed that his attending nurse is Carlotta Rivera. He's disappointed to learn that his physician half-brother, Duc Le is interested in Carlotta. Benjamin, the son of Reverend Robert Peterson's has been obsessed with Carlotta since she came to live with his family.

Is there a way for Michael Bradley to respond to his deep feelings?

The Light of Day fascinatingly has all the answers, and more!

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